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What is counseling?

The decision to seek help for personal or relational issues can be a difficult one. Sitting down with someone you don’t know to share very personal feelings can feel at the outset daunting, if not awkward. However, making that decision is the first step to change. It marks your willingness to open yourself in a safe environment to explore and express your concerns, feelings or fears about the issues you face.

It sets the stage for realistic evaluation, insight and personal discovery that can lead to measurable results.Seeking counseling is not an admission of failure, mental dysfunction or personal weakness. Rather, it is a display of strength. Effective counseling requires hard work and patience.

There are no magic cures or quick fixes to most issues. A therapist cannot “fix” the problems for you. Instead, be prepared to challenge yourself to perhaps look at things in a different way. Be ready to think objectively, openly and without defensiveness. My approach in counseling is evidenced-based therapeutic orientations and a background of unique life experiences.

For those who desire a spiritual approach based on biblical truths, I can use my training and experience as a Pastor, theologian, and author to help those individuals discern wisdom, direction and truth for the issues they face. My commitment to you will be to invest myself into your world and help you towards discovery, empowerment and change, regardless of what failures may be in your past.

How does it work?